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Labels/stickers system


The Fresh Care labeling machines take advantage of the latest developments, the latest microprocessors and powerful stepper motors. They meet the highest demands for speed, accuracy, and ease of operation. High-precision labeling is achieved by the powerful and low-noise stepper motor. The operator-friendly display gives access to all functions in any language. All functions such as speed and delay can be stored in memory and can be quickly selected for product changes. An encoder can be connected to track variations in the speed of the packaging line. The Automator labeling machines are available in different sizes and as a left or right model. Various hanging systems are available to allow the label machine to label both the top, side or bottom



•      Heavy-duty labeling machine
•      Compact shape
•      insert simple label(sticker)
•      Simple operation
•      the programs are stored memory for a quick change of labels
•      can be placed in virtually any position
•      For mounting on packaging line or on a T-base standard


Specifications and accessories : Model Freshcare

Backing paper width, maximum: 120 mm

Backing paper width, minimum: 20 mm.

Label length, maximum: 60 mm.

Label length, minimum: 20 mm.

Speed : 0-35 m/min

Number of labels per minute : depending on size of sticker

Label roll diameter, maximum: Ø410 mm.

Core label roll, minimum : 40 m.

Stepper motor with microstep: Yes

Microprocessor with keyboard : Yes

Illuminated display: Yes

Password : Yes

Memory locations : 45

Weight : 20 kg.

Current : 230VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Pouch dispencer system  CF-4711 

Supported Industries:

 Food and Non-Food  

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


Pouch Dispenser for vertical or horizontal packaging lines

Fresh Care® pouch dispenser will operate in low or high-speed depending on speed needed and method client will pack their product.

We supply pouch systems for horizontal and vertical packaging lines. Our dispensers are widely used in many factories worldwide. Technical we have all solutions to place the absorbers automatically.

-       Cute and drop system
-       Pick and place
-       Glue on version.

Horizontal packaging:

Mostly used cute and drop system

Vertical Packaging:

Pick and place and glued on version used, high or low speed.

Our dispensers feature

Fresh Care® desiccant dispenser. Smart dispensing technology transmits data, such as lot number, manufacture date, and quantity from the packet spool to dispenser, easily integrating information into your quality system.

  • Dispensing rates up to 300 packets per minute
  • Color touchscreen interface and PLC
  • Standard motorized packet spool unwind cabinet
  • Totally covers and flushed with inert gas

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