How fresh care works



FRESHCARE® is a high-quality oxygen absorber that absorbs all the oxygen present inside food packaging, creating a completely oxygen-free atmosphere. It is not possible to achieve an oxygen-free atmosphere with conventional packaging systems like gas flushing, flowpacking, thermoforming, thermosealing or vacuum. FRESHCARE® oxygen absorbers naturally preserve taste and extend shelf life of food products. Thanks to the innovative system and format, FRESHCARE® is capable of maintaining the oxygen level within food packaging below 0.1%, so preventing mould growth, discoloration, fat oxidation or insect growth.



Why absorb oxygen


In food products oxygen is responsible for the formation of mould and insects, and causes discoloration or rancidity. The speed of food deterioration is influenced by the presence and quantity of oxygen available. FRESHCARE® is designed to absorb oxygen hence preserving food products.


What does FRESHCARE® look like


FRESHCARE® is available in sticker or sachet format. Both formats have the same absorbing power. Both sticker and sachet can be dispensed automatically or manually. The sticker can be fixed to any pre-determined place inside the packaging. Find out more about the benefits of FRESHCARE® for your particular product here.


FRESHCARE® - Easy implementation into the production process


The implementation of FRESHCARE® oxygen absorbers is extraordinarily simple and secure; there are no changes required to your current packaging systems. Just with the simple addition of FRESHCARE® to your current packaging maximum shelf life and quality is obtained. Increased production speed & efficiency. FRESHCARE® labels can be applied at high speed during the production process. Gasflushing treatment and vacuum packing are no longer required. FRESHCARE® and flow packing equipment work very well together and secure a constant level of oxygen of <0.1%. FRESHCARE® can also be combined with gasflushing, maintaining a buffer of 0.1% oxygen guaranteed in the distribution chain. See for yourself the easy implementation of FRESHCARE® in our demonstration facility.