naturally preserves taste and extends shelf life.


FRESHCARE® is available in sticker or sachet format.


O2 CONTROL offers FRESHCARE® oxygen absorbers

Food Industry

Active packaging solutions for the food industry.

USA, Europe, Russia and Middle East

We have recently developed a unique oxygen absorber label which is sold in the USA, Europe, Russia and Middle East

Questions about Freshcare?

OXYGEN is the main cause of deterioration in food and pharmaceutical products. Even smallest quantities of oxygen in the packaging will influence product quality and the speed of deterioration. Gas flushing can never remove 100% of oxygen.

FRESHCARE® is an active packaging solution designed to absorb all oxygen contained within the packaging of food products. It's proven to be a highly efficient way to extend product shelf life in a natural way.

FRESHCARE® oxygen absorbers of this type have been widely used in Asia for decades. Annually more than 10 billion consumer products are packed with oxygen absorbers, which amounts to approximately 200 products per household per year. Within the last decade, they have found their way into the European food and pharmaceutical industries.
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